February 2015 Employment numbers are out

U.S. Jobs Report: February 2015

The U.S. Jobs Report for February 2015 shows some improvement.

Unemployment rate went down from 5.7% to 5.5%, down by .2%. The unemployment rate went down less than expected, but that is still good considering we are past holiday buying season.

The number of jobs created rose by 294,000, this is in direct relation to the unemployment rate. More jobs are created, lower the unemployment rate.

The participation rate (the number of eligible workers that are participating in the work force) went down by .1%  We are looking for higher numbers here, so lower number can be a bad thing, meaning less able workers participating in workforce because they believe there are no jobs for them. But it can also indicate aging population and more people retiring.

Yearly wage growth went up by 2%, this indicates that wages are growing, which is a good thing since wages went down a lot in 2008 economic crisis.

U.S. Jobs Report: February 2015


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