Keep learning to keep your job skills, or be left behind.

Like it or not, technology keeps changing and jobs are changing along with it. Throughout history we can see people protesting, complaining even sabotaging progress. All these protests only slow down the progress but ultimately the progress moves on and people that tried to stop it get left behind. Some[…] Read More →

4 ways to get the most benefit from attending a job fair

      Nowadays, applying for a job has no direct human interaction. One submits their resume online, and it goes into this black hole where it is read and sorted by computer that is looking for keywords in your resume, and maybe if you are lucky, it will get[…] Read More →

5 ways to become your managers favorite employee

      Every workplace has two groups of workers, crew that toils hard but is hardly ever noticed and the other that right away comes to mind. The second group are the ones who are recognized and at the beginning of all action. Job success requires more than hard[…] Read More →

March 2015 US Employment numbers are out

US Bureau of labor Statistics has released March 2015 employment numbers. Lets analyze the numbers to make sens of it. From this report we can see that there was no change in unemployment rate, despite analysts expecting a slight drop. The number of jobs created went up by 126,000. That[…] Read More →

February 2015 Employment numbers are out

U.S. Jobs Report: February 2015 The U.S. Jobs Report for February 2015 shows some improvement. Unemployment rate went down from 5.7% to 5.5%, down by .2%. The unemployment rate went down less than expected, but that is still good considering we are past holiday buying season. The number of jobs[…] Read More →

Employment numbers are weak

Employment numbers for December have been released, and the news is not as bright as anticipated. Goverment prediction was a growth of 200,000 jobs for December.

boiler-plate cover letter

There is nothing more annoying to a hiring manager than to read a boiler-plate cover letter that is meant to cover all job postings, but it does not answer the questions/ requirements that are stated in the job posting. If you really want to get a job, do not send[…] Read More →

Job Shift during Recession

One way to cope with economic downturn is to consider a job shift. Not too many like the idea of changing jobs during recession. However, if you have already felt the effect of recession most likely you have been laid off, this is a perfect time to give a different[…] Read More →

Hiring managers view of your resume and cover letter

  Before hiring manager decides to interview, they need to be sure that you are a best candidate for the position. This is where your resume is an essential selling tool. It shows to hiring manager your education, skills, experience and writing style. Make sure your spelling and grammar are[…] Read More →

How to file for unemployment

Before you file for unemployment, you have to figure out if you qualify for unemployment. Unemployment is only paid to people who loose their job through no fault of their own: ie. layoffs due to lack of work. If employee quits or is let go for other reasons, like theft[…] Read More →